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100+ Flutter assets for you free

Transparent Android system navigation bar with Flutter and FlexColorScheme

This an extra Android companion example to the Flutter package FlexColorScheme. It is a slight m

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Humble library of widgets for Flutter

This package is a compilation of widgets maybe useful for some cases when the standard Flutter widge

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Minimal front-end library genesis client built with Flutter

A minimal front-end library genesis client, built by Flutter. Librebook is an open-source front-e

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Redesigned instagram mobile app made with flutter

A redesigned instagram mobile app made with flutter.

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An Analog and a Digital World Clock with 387 timezones

An Analog and Digital World Clock UI for all Timezones(387 Timezones)

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A clean looking analog clock built in Flutter

This is my very first Flutter project and I wanted to begin to learn the basics of Flutter by buildi

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A TikTok Clone in Flutter and Firebase

-TikTok UI -Swipe Videos -Dynamic Video Data Source -User Data (Name, Image) -Animations(Image r

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A Flutter plugin that uses native platform views to show interstitial ads

A Flutter plugin that uses native platform views (IOS & Android) to show IronSource banner and inter

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